Sweet Food Art: The Anatomy of a Cupcake

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How do you build a cupcake? Well, you start with a colorful liner, then add some eggs, sugar, and flour. Then choose a swirled top and some sprinkles! That’s the story, anyway, with this bright, clever poster created by two artists for a friend.

Allen Hemberger, a photographer, and Sarah Wilson, a designer and illustrator, created this print for a friend named Lesleigh. They even documented the process — see video at the link below.

But they didn’t expect this to get so much attention. Forbes and a few other blogs showed off their sweet, fun print, and suddenly they had lots of interest from people who are not Lesleigh. So they decided to put it into production, and now you can have your very own anatomy of a cupcake, if you like!

Find it: Anatomy of a Cupcake Fine Art Print, fine art photographic print, about 23″x15″. $50 (including shipping) from Allen Hemberger