10 Fresh Summer Recipes for Sweet Corn

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I live in the Midwest, in the heart of sweet corn country. The fields are full of plump ears of sweet corn right now, and there are piles of golden tassels and green husks at the farmers markets every weekend. Earlier today we asked you about your favorite way to get all the silk off an ear of corn. Now we’re turning to even more pressing matters: Eating lots and lots of that sweet, juicy, crisp summer corn. Here are 10 ways to enjoy it.

My own personal favorite way to eat corn right now is probably in a corn and tomato salad. What about you? Do you prefer it straight up, on the cob, and held fast by a couple of these little gadgets? Or do you prefer something fancier?

None of these recipes are terribly fancy, but they do show off that sweet corn flavor in some different ways. From roasted elote to fresh cornbread, and from scallops with corn salsa to a simple salad, these are some of our collective favorites.

10 Fresh Recipes for Sweet Corn

What is your favorite way to eat sweet corn in the summertime?

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