Sweet and Buttery: Obsessed with Kugelhopf!

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We had a game-changing, life-altering, obsession-making experience with some kugelhopf over the weekend. It was at a fabulous bakery in Newton, Massachusetts called Bread and Chocolate, and now we might not be able to rest until we figure out a way to recreate it at home. Have you ever had this confection?

Kugelhopf is a kind of cake that hails from the Alsace region of France. It is dense, buttery, and usually flavored with some combination of almonds, dried fruit, chocolate, and liqueur. Kugelhopf is also a yeast-risen cake, which gives it a chewier texture than most cakes. The ones we’ve had are more like extra-sweet brioche than bundt cake, despite its appearance.

The kugelhopf we had at Bread and Chocolate was a little different. They had been shaped like cinnamon-rolls and baked individually in a muffin tin of some sort. They were intensely buttery, but flavors of almond and (we think) cinnamon were still very present. The rolls had also been coated with enough cinnamon and sugar to fill every cranny, giving them a slight crunch to contrast the soft chewy interior.

In a nutshell: seriously good. We sat in the sun and pulled off little bites at a time, fingers sticky with granulated sugar.

Now we’re obsessed with recreating it at home, especially since we live too far away from Bread and Chocolate to get there very often! Here are a few recipes we found that will hopefully get us on the right track:

Kugelhopf from Epicurious
Kugelhopf from Chow.com
Kugelhopf with Honeyed Muscat Pears from Gourmet Traveller

Also, if you find yourself in Newton, Massachusetts, definitely stop by Bread and Chocolate for some inspiring pastries!

Bread and Chocolate, 108 Madison Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02460

Any advice for making kugelhopf?

(Image: Romulo Yanes/Epicurious; Con Poulos/Gourmet Traveller)