Sustainable Food Resolutions: What Are Yours?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is the time of year when many of us think more deeply about our food choices and perhaps resolve to grow our own food, to buy sustainably raised ingredients, or to support conscientious food producers. To help, we’ve assembled some resources for conscientious cooks…

Emma recently shared that she intends to integrate more vegetarian dishes into her meals, while Anjali posted about a decision to give up cheap chicken. One of my own local food resolutions this year involved joining the Silver Lake Farms CSA. Until now I haven’t joined a CSA because I love farmers’ market shopping, but I decided to make the leap because this one is based in my very own neighborhood. I’m excited to pick up my first box next week!

Do you have any sustainable food resolutions this year?

Here are a few resources that may help, and let us know if there are other topics you’d like to see covered at The Kitchn this year!

(Image: Emily Ho)