Survey: What Food Magazine Delivered the Best December Issue?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The December food magazines are a treat, filled with luxe recipes for cookies, appetizers, and so much food for year-end celebrations. We find the December food magazines are often the best issues of the year. Don’t you?

On the other hand, a couple December food magazines fall flatter than a cut-out cookie. We can understand that too. After all, how many times can writers find fresh spin on turkeys and holiday appetizers?

We’re wondering what issue was your favorite this December. Vote now and tell us why in comments. We’ll share the issue we loved after the jump.

Domino was one of our favorites. Their
festive feasts caught our attention because their meals are simple to cook and swanky to serve. There’s an
Cocktails for 50 created with artisanal ingredients (
heritage breed Berkshire ham) that can be ordered online.

We groaned just a bit when we got to the mail box last week and saw the January issues coming in. The January food magazines tend to be crisp little things with diet recipes and kitchen organization advice. We’ll be up for all that in a while, but for now we’re savoring the best of the year-end issues.