Survey: The Beefscapes Ad Campaign

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Surely you’ve noticed the National Cattleman’s Beef Association’s print ad campaign by now. In one, large slabs of beef are posing as cliffs, surrounded by rivers of blood and dotted with lentils and mushrooms. In another, a medium-rare beefy seashore, complete with parsley foliage, is gently lapped by sea-salted waves.

The slogan? Another mouthful: ‘Discover the power of protein in the land of lean beef.”

The Nebraska Beef Council calls these ads fanciful and cutting edge. But what do you think of the beefscapes? Do they whet your appetite for a nice steak or leave you feeling a little creeped-out?

According to Ann Marie Bosshamer, the Nebraska Beef Council Executive Director, the target audience is “…the singles. It’s the boomers. And the gatekeepers (the people who make or influence food-buying decisions.)” I think that means you.