Survey: If Not Wine, What Are You Drinking With Dinner?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most foodies automatically assume the beverage to consume with dinner is wine. Sure, there are the exceptions, like beer with Indian food, but for the most part, it’s food and wine. The words go together so nicely. But what about when, for whatever reason, you’re not drinking wine?

Take the survey then click through for my conundrum, and a chance to leave a comment about yours.

About a year ago we started skipping alcohol on weeknights as an experiment. It helps with those early morning wake-ups (we’re parents to a two year old) and keeps us on our exercise routine. But having also kicked the Pellegrino habit (find it wasteful) we’re still trying to find the right thing to drink with dinner.

Lately it’s been water with a squirt of lemon, although I find myself staring longingly at our daughter’s little cup of milk at mealtime and thinking maybe I’ll just throw in the towel and revert to my old childhood habits. Thing is, it just doesn’t complement a strip steak the way a glass of red wine does.

(image by flickr member Eflon licensed for use under Creative Commons)