Survey: How Many Days a Week Do You Cook?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We write daily about ingredients and recipes and well-used kitchens — all of the elements that go into a good meal. But we’re curious about a very basic question, one we’ve asked before but want to revisit from time to time, just to check in with all of you.

We often overestimate how much time we’ll be able to cook, especially in the summer. There’s so much abundant produce, and yet, on the flip side, there are vacations and last-minute urges to sit outside at a restaurant.

When you love to cook, it can be hard to admit that there are phases where you don’t do it that often. We’re in a 2-3 days a week phase right now, although we think our yearly average is higher.

How are you feeling right now? Too hot too cook? Too busy? Is it comforting to know that plenty of other people are in your boat?

(Image: Flickr member philipbahr, licensed for use under Creative Commons)