How Many Sets of Wine Glasses Do You Own?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The right stemware can mean the difference between savoring a luscious wine and feeling shortchanged, according to an article in Sunday’s New York Times.

Experts told The Times that “most people can do fine with three sets: a big-bowled basic glass for reds, a smaller-bowled basic for whites, and a Champagne flute (a flute preserves bubbles best).”

A couple times a year we reach into that awkward cupboard above the fridge to grab a set of beautiful big-bowled balloon glasses. They were a glamorous gift. But, most of the time we sip our reds from cut glass juice glasses we picked up at a second hand store.

How about you? Do you own champagne flutes? Different glasses for red and white wines? Then there’s glasses for port and sherry and on and on.

(Thanks to AmyBlog for the picture of her Reidel tasting via Flickr.)