Survey: How Do You Slice a Strawberry?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the interest of time, we usually slice right across the top. But that does leave a little wasted berry around the top (which we usually nibble on while we’re cutting). Our alternative is to take a tad bit longer and carve a circle around the stem, cutting away less red and more of the white core. What about you?

The coring method is more attractive, we think, if you’re serving the strawberries whole. And if the berries are big, it’s helpful to get the thick, tasteless white middle out of there. But chopping off the top is arguably faster, if you need to slice a big pile (maybe for scones or salad?).

What’s your preferred method? Do you slice off the tops and the eat the edges? Anyone use something other than a paring knife to make the job quicker?