Survey: How Do You Roast Your Chicken?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Roasting a whole chicken is about the chickeniest thing we can think to do with a bird. It’s not the easiest, though (getting the skin crisp, keeping the meat moist…) And there are many, many methods. Do you salt your bird and let it sit overnight, Zuni-style? Do you use lemon? Inside or out?

We find that the Zuni method of salting and drying out the bird results in fewer grease splatters on the inside of our oven. But we also love to mash up soft butter with a bunch of herbs and spread it under the skin.

We have a family member who fills syringes with melted butter and injects his Thanksgiving turkeys. Maybe that’s a trick for chickens, too?

What are your best roasting tips? Let us know!

(Image: Flickr user freeloosedirt, licensed for use under Creative Commons)