Survey: How Do You Store Your Drinking Glasses?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Heads or tails Kitchen reader Josie-o emailed in to ask us for drinkware storage advice … and we’re passing her question along to see if we can find any consensus on this.

“Just one of those things I’ve always wondered about. I was raised with ‘right side up’ yet curious when friends’ kitchens had their glasses upside down,” Josie-o said. Now we’re wondering too:

We’re not sure if there’s one right answer for this one, but we did find this great tip on Martha Stewart’s site:

Make the most of your cupboard real estate by adding another level of storage for glassware. Cut a piece of nonskid shelf liner (available at home-supply stores) to line a serving tray and a cupboard shelf; this will help glasses stay put and protect the rims. Place glasses used less frequently upside down on the shelf, set tray on top, and arrange everyday glasses upside down on tray.