Survey: Have You Ever Toured a Farm?

E-i-e-i-oh my.

Last night, Sara Kate and I went to a Gastronomica forum on Faith and Food at the Astor Center. Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh spoke about the challenges of farming while holding to their religious beliefs.

One attendee asked how we city people can help farmers? Yes, blogging and emailing our state and national government representatives came up, but do you know what Zaid’s number one suggestion for helping farmers was?

Zaid said the best way we can help farmers is to visit an organic farm. So today, we want to know:

(We’re qualifying this question by asking if you’ve ever visited a working farm as an adult because we have blurry memories of some kind of first grade field trip to a farm and that isn’t really what we’re talking about here.)

A couple generations ago, Zaid said, we knew what farms were like because nearly everyone farmed, was related to a farmer or knew some farmers. We’ve become far more separated from our food since then.

With Zaid’s advice in mind, we’re adding a trip to an organic farm to our summer plans. We’ve heard about farm trips run by Saxelby Cheese and Stone Barns Center, but we’d be up for something a bit more out-of-the-way too. Any suggestions? If you’ve visited a farm lately, did the trip change how you eat? How you cook?

We know the only real way to tour a farm is to go there: see it, taste it and yeah, smell it. But we’re stuck in the city for the next few weeks, so we’re settling for YouTube’s collection of farm tours.