Survey: Have You Ever Baked a Pie?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our post yesterday from the Reluctant Baker outed many of you who are similarly reluctant to try a pie. One of our favorite comments: “I now can easily state why I have never made a pie before: there is NO COVERING UP bad execution of a recipe,” from foodwoolf. It made us thoughtful; indeed, as the Reluctant Baker says, “You can work on a pie for 2 days and if the crimped crust breaks, you’re sunk.” Pies can appear finicky, delicate, and mysterious. But they are invariably greeted by cries of joy when we bring them to dinner (no matter how the crust looks) – so why are we all so scared of ’em?

We’re curious – how many of you have actually tried baking a pie? Tell us, and then tell us why you haven’t tried, or else all about your expert experiences.

We encourage you to try a pie this week or weekend! And while you’re baking that first (or second) pie, be sure to take a few photos and tell us all about it for the “>Pie Bakeoff.

(Image: Mrs. Edna Kern in her kitchen holding a pie, from Flickr member Wisconsin Historical Images licensed for use under Creative Commons)