Survey: Golden Squiggle Design Contest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re working on a small design contest that would take submissions over the summer, post them in August and then show off the winners in early September. Right now we’re narrowing down the boundaries, but wanted to put it out there to our community for some feedback.

Our concept is focusing on student and independent designers with new 2009 designs. (In any field: home design, kitchen, bath, green and sustainable innovations, technology for the home, kids design…)

Our inspiration is this kind of work that we see at the trade shows like ICFF or IDS that is tucked away in the small booths. Our goal is to provide a really strong forum for new design to reach our large retail and media audience. We’d allow approval voting in order to find finalists and then let the readers vote for their favorite design. We could also employ judges… The winner would get a huge sponsored post and advertising banners on our sites…

Here’s a few questions:

1. Are judges necessary? Would they be weighted against the crowd’s opinion like, say, American Idol?

2. Should it be open to students, independent designers or both? Where is a good place to draw the line?

3. Should you only be allowed to submit ONE design?

4. Should you only be allowed to submit NEW design from 2009?

5. What would be a really valuable non-monetary prize that would really held a designer?

If you’ve got an opinion on any of this, please go for it and comment below. We want to workshop this one a bit.

Best, Maxwell