Survey: Do You Have More than One Freezer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we talk about all things chilly and frozen this month, we’re wondering how many of you have an extra freezer (maybe one of those big chests in the garage?) to store batches of homemade ice cream, bags of frozen berries, and containers of tomato sauce or jam.

We’d say our freezer is average or above average size for New York City, but it can get full pretty quickly, especially if we’re storing our ice cream maker bowl in there. If you’re freezing produce to save for the winter, you can run out of room—fast.

For some reason, a second freezer (especially freezer chests) remind us of an older generation. Our grandmother always had a second freezer in the back of the house, full of casseroles and sauces and frozen vegetables from her garden.

Maybe some of you are lucky enough…

(Image: Flickr member ValetheKid, licensed for use under Creative Commons)