Survey: Do You Disable Your Smoke Alarm When You Cook?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like many apartment dwellers, we have a flimsy microwave fan above our stovetop. It does nothing to suck away the smoke that comes with browning chicken breasts over high heat. If we roast a chicken in the oven, well, lord help us.

No number of open windows or waves of a broom in front of the smoke alarm keeps it from going off — early and often — while things roast in our oven. So we take the batteries out. And sometimes forget to put them back in.

Yes, yes, we know that’s not safe. But disabling it every time we want to cook chicken? Ergh.

We found one alarm that has a promising feature, below the jump.

This First Alert alarm, above, has a mute button you can push when it goes off for reasons other than mortal danger. But we wonder if it would just sound again after a quick, muted pause, keeping you running from kitchen to hallway over and over.

Has anyone used an alarm with a mute button?

(Image: First Alert)