Survey: Do You Deep Fry At Home?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Amanda Hesser says more home cooks should deep fry. In the
Times Magazine she argues that we don’t need to ban frying for the calories:
It’s well known that if food is fried at a high enough temperature and then properly drained, it can contain no more cooking fat than something that’s sauteed

She also asks cooks to look beyond the mess frying is sure to make:

Frying makes a mess, it’s true. But many fritters can be fried in advance and either eaten cool, as is the custom of tapas bars in Spain, or reheated in a 200-degree oven, so there’s plenty of time to clean up and shower.

The article includes recipes for Crab Critter Fritters, Shrimp Fritters Wrapped in Lettuce and Herbs, and Plum Fritters. So who’s inspired to boil oil at home?

(Also, congrats to Deb from Smitten Kitchen who scored a mention in this Times article.)