Next Food Network Star Begins Again This Sunday

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Incoming! Another food reality show … The Next Food Network Star starts on Sunday night. Adam Roberts, The Amateur Gourmet, interviewed each contestant here. Any early favorites?

Next Food Network Star manages to be less sexy than Top Chef and quieter than Hell’s Kitchen (Yes, CHEF!!) … and that’s why we like this show.

Plus, doesn’t the prize on NFNS feel more tangible? Are we really to believe that Gordon Ramsay allows the winner of his show run one of his kitchens? Is the “title of Top Chef” and a lot of Gladware really a valuable prize?

NFNS follows through and Food Network really does air the winner’s series, however briefly. Amy’s The Gourmet Next Door is already off the air. (Season 2 winner Guy Fieri is still slinging hash on Food Network … and we still wish Nathan Lyon won that season.)

Pshew! Who knew we had so much to say about a new reality show. Your turn, tell us what you know …