Do You Season Your Nonstick Pans?

published Apr 18, 2013
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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

I found a surprising note on the new nonstick pan I purchased. While the instructions noted that the pan had been fully seasoned and was ready for use, it suggested seasoning the pan twice a year to maintain its finish. Hold on a minute, we’re supposed to season nonstick pans?  

I had never considered such an idea. It makes sense, as nonstick coatings wear off with time. However, nonstick coating has always seemed to me like something that can’t be helped with oiling or seasoning – either it’s still good or it’s not. It turns out, seasoning will help extend the life of your nonstick pans. 

Similar to seasoning a cast iron pan, seasoning will help fill in any pits or inconsistencies that have developed in the finish. The instructions I found go like this: add a thin layer of oil to the pan and heat in a 300°F oven for an hour. Let cool and wipe off excess oil with paper towels. 

Do you season your nonstick pans? Or does the idea of putting a nonstick pan in the oven turn you off?