The 3 Best Things You Can Possibly Do with a Pumpkin This Time of Year

published Oct 16, 2019
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Credit: Cat Meschia

Last week, your Instagram feed was probably all pics of your friends in pumpkin patches. This week, it’s said friends with their carved creations. A carved pumpkin is fine and all — we just think there are three better ways to put those pumpkins to good use. No offense to Mr. ‘O-Lantern, but here’s what we think people should really be doing with their pumpkins this October.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

1. Fill it with cornbread stuffing.

Why buy a $200 gourd-shaped tureen when you can use an actual pumpkin, which you then don’t have to store somewhere for 11 months? Get a Cinderella or fairytale pumpkin (it has super-sweet flesh!) and stuff it with our cornbread stuffing, made with two types of mushrooms, kale, eggs, shredded Gruyère, herbs, and more. Actually, get two pumpkins because you’ll want to make one now and make another one for Thanksgiving. So often, the vegetarian-friendly dishes at the Big Meal feel like an afterthought, but this one is so hearty and substantial that it’ll give the turkey a run for the spotlight.

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2. Use it as an ice bucket.

If your fridge tends to be as full as ours is this time of year, you can use every inch you can get. Take a giant pumpkin, cut off the top, clean it out, and fill it with ice. Then you can move all the beer, wine, sodas, and other drinks into this new “cooler” and you’ll free up shelf space.

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

3. Turn it into a wine dispenser.

There’s nothing wrong with boxed wine, but it’ll be even better if you take the bladder out of the box and put it into a pumpkin! We have all the steps, and we promise it’s not super hard. Save the box, though, because you can put the bag back in there if you have any wine left after Thanksgiving.

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What are you doing with your pumpkins this year?