Surprising Idea: Give Your Vegetables and Fruits a Bath to Prolong Their Lives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Summer days, with invitations of impromptu outdoor BBQs and last minute trips to the ice cream shop, can speed by. Often that beautiful head of lettuce from the farmers’ market, which looked irresistible on Saturday morning, doesn’t look as nice Thursday night. Try this counter-intuitive tip for making your prime summer produce last long enough for you to enjoy it!

More than a simple rinse, the process of soaking fruits and vegetables in water can revive them and better prepare them for a few days in the refrigerator. Strangest example: soak berries in warm water. Yes, warm water. The tactic is also recommended by the author of Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Myhrvold, who calls the result “heat-treated fruit.” Bathe the berries in warm water for 15 seconds, dry well, and refrigerate.

Use a cool water bath to revive lettuce and other leafy produce. This technique works wonders on the flavors of other vegetables like onions (as we’ve mentioned before), and potatoes too!

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(Images: Dana Velden)