Surprise! This Ricotta “Cheese” Is Actually Vegan

(Image credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen)

As a general rule, I typically don’t eat items that are meant to impersonate other items — the wanna-be foods never taste as good as the real thing. (I’m looking at you, gluten-free pizza dough that tastes like sweet cardboard).

But every now and then, a recipe proves me wrong. This vegan ricotta cheese is one of them.

Made with cashews, coconut cream, lemon juice, miso paste, and roasted garlic, this vegan ricotta is thick, creamy, and flavorful — just like the real one. All you have to do is blend the ingredients together. Seriously, the hardest part is waiting for the cashews to soak overnight in water.

To ensure the ricotta retains its shape and texture, you can either mix in some agar flakes or wrap the cheese mixture in muslin cloth and suspend it over a bowl overnight. Either way, you’ll have a delicious vegan cheese to spread on toast or stir into pasta dishes when all’s said and done.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Ricotta Cheese from Lazy Cat Kitchen