This $24 Roll-Up Drying Rack Is Perfect for People with No Counter Space

updated Jun 30, 2021
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Let’s be honest: Kitchen counter space is a luxury in small homes. If there’s limited space, or none at all, it’s nearly impossible to get away with leaving anything out that’s not used all the time. In my kitchen, washing dishes is one of the most clutter-inducing tasks there is, short of actual cooking. I’m not someone who particularly enjoys hand-drying, so it’s guaranteed that dishes will sit in a drying rack on my counter for days — or until I use them again. I have a top mount single-bowl sink, so any standard dish drying rack has to sit on the counter — even when it’s empty. When I found out there are drying racks that hover over the sink instead of hogging counter space, I knew I needed to try one myself.

I chose the Surpahs Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, which has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon and is made of silicone-wrapped stainless steel rods. The 17.5″ x 13.1″ drying rack simply lays across the sink, and wet dishes can be set onto it right after they’re washed. Seeing my clean, bare counter after incorporating this foldable rack made me never want to put another standalone dish drainer on it again. This rack even encouraged me to put away the dishes faster, since I knew I needed to roll the rack back up in order to free up my sink. Who knew that changing my method of drying dishes would also help me break one of my worst kitchen habits?

I tried a handful of ways to store the drying rack and discovered that folding it on top of itself is a great alternative to rolling it up. With it folded, I’m easily able to place it on top of other items or slide it into a narrow space, such as between the wall and a box on my pantry shelf. Since the steel rods are spaced evenly, the drying rack can also be hung up on the wall with hooks.

When it comes to my future with dish drying racks, I can’t see myself using another one that can’t be folded, collapsed, or rolled. I love how my kitchen looks with less clutter on the counter, and I’ve become protective of the extra space that I now have. My blender and coffee maker were squeezed on one side of my sink, and now I’m able to spread them out in order to make my kitchen look a little tidier.

The dishes have a home in my cabinets, my dishwashing liquid and tablets have their designated spaces under the sink, and even the dishcloths have their own storage spot. Being able to store the drying rack is an added bonus that I plan to take full advantage of from now on. The $24 price tag for a whole new world of convenience simply can’t be beat.

Buy: Surpahs Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, $23.98

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