Sur La Table Just Launched a New Pro-Worthy Knife Collection That’s a Home Chef’s Dream

published Aug 23, 2022
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Credit: Sur la Table

A quality set of knives can help transform a good chef into a great chef, but finding the right blades for you isn’t always the easiest task. There are so many options out there — with such a range of price points, materials, and add-ons — that it can be difficult to suss out which knives will fit your cooking style and skillset. Wouldn’t it be so nice if there was a know-it-all pro out there who could help guide you in the right direction? Well, now there is.

Bob Kramer, perhaps one of the most well-known names in American cutlery, has had an undeniable influence over the custom and commercial culinary knife industry as we know it — and now, he’s teaming up with Sur La Table for a brand new collection which has everything home chefs need for slicing, dicing, filleting, and chopping like the pros.

Each piece in the collection is forged in Japan and is strikingly stunning — every detail is considered and every inch is thoughtfully designed. The Damascus steel construction (that unique, wavy look of the blades) is attention-grabbing and result-driven, delivering a precision blade that lasts longer and stays sharper than the competitors. The white linen Micarta handles are equally gorgeous, with an ergonomic shape that keeps them comfortable in hand through the marathon chopping sessions necessary for fall soups and pies. The best part? All of the knives are on sale right now!

Have we built enough excitement for ya? Then let’s dive into what each knife in the collection is best for. Warning: You’re going to want all five.

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Sur La Table
was $275.00

A pairing knife is a must-have tool for any home chef and should be one of the first blades you invest in — whether you're building out your collection from scratch or upgrading your essentials to something a bit more performance-driven. The Cumulus four-inch paring knife is ideal for small cutting tasks where precision and safety are key (think: peeling vegetables and cutting fruit). Like all the knives in the new Cumulus collection, it boasts a blade with a durable SG2 super-steel core and an 11-degree angle for scalpel-like sharpness.

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Sur La Table
was $540.00

Another essential tool in any home cook's cutlery collection? A really good chef's knife. This eight-inch beauty from Sur La Table more than fits the bill, with added strength and sharpness thanks to the cryogenic ice-hardening process. (Translation: It'll last you decades with the proper care.) Use it for every prep and cooking task in the books, from spatchcocking a chicken to gently removing the skin from a filet of salmon.

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If you consider yourself a knife-skills novice and want a model with a bit more approachability, you can always swap the larger eight-inch blade for this more manageable six-inch chef's knife. It boasts all the same amazing features and thoughtful construction, just with a slightly shorter blade that's a bit more beginner-friendly. Spend some time learning and getting comfortable with this length, then "graduate" yourself to the eight-inch knife when you feel ready.

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was $540.00

If you haven't heard of a santoku knife before, just know this: You'll wonder how you lived (or cooked) without it. This seven-inch, Japanese-style knife features a straight edge from heel to tip that supports the hand while utilizing the classic Japanese push-cut technique. Santoku actually means "three virtues," and is used to refer to this knife's prowess in cutting meat, fish, and vegetables. Basically, it's about to become the MVP of your kitchen.

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was $338.00

As its name implies, this Cumulus five-inch utility knife will be an incredibly useful addition to your kitchen. Utility knives are ideal for detailed cutting tasks including slicing fruit, peeling garlic, and even filleting thin slices of meat. They're also great go-to knives if you feel like your other blades are just a bit too bulky for the task at hand. Think of them as easy-to-use stepping stones between a chef's knife and a paring knife.

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was $2540.00

Ready to treat yourself? Well, if you're unable to choose just a few of the knives in this collection, snagging the entire block set may be the move for you. It comes with all five blades, plus a honing steel and a stunning wood block to keep the knives sharp and safely on display like the true showpieces they are. It's definitely a splurge, but there's no better investment in your skills (and enjoyment) in the kitchen than a quality set of knives.