10 Kitchen Essentials You Should Snag ASAP from Sur La Table’s Epic Anniversary Sale

updated Sep 24, 2020
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‘Tis the season for sales, indeed! Now that you’re probably done scooping up Way Day bargains and major steals from Macy’s two-day surprise event, head on over to Sur La Table’s epic Anniversary Sale. The event just kicked off with discounts of up to 40 percent off cookware, bakeware, tools, utensils, and gadgets. While it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to affordable pieces from big-name brands like Le Creuset, Staub, and All-Clad, it’s also a great excuse to stock up on budget-friendly baking tools and kitchen essentials. In fact, the prices are so good that we recommend getting a head-start on all your holiday shopping. Check out our .

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Le Creuset's iconic 6.75-qt. round wide Dutch oven can easily accomodate a whole chicken, larger pieces of meat, big batches of soup, and even a generous sourdough loaf! The cast-iron interior is the stuff of legend and easy to clean and maintain. Fun fact: There are several gorgeous colorways included in the Sur La Table sale, so you have plenty of opportunity to pick your favorite.

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Sur La Table
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Zwilling knives are a favorite with Kitchn editors, and Sur La Table's anniversary sale is packed with several top picks. But if you have to choose just one, it has to be this classic 8-inch knife. It can slice through everything from meat to tough vegetables, thanks to the extra-sharp, precision-honed blade, and the three-riveted handle ensures maximum stability, comfort, and safety while using it.

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Sur La Table
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Cozy up to casserole season with Staub's classic ceramic stackable bakers. Made from high-quality stoneware, they'll give your dishes an even bake. The scratch-resistant pieces are easy to clean and safe for use in the freezer, oven, and microwave.

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Turns out, the solution to get rid of that fishy or garlicky smell on your fingers isn't really copious amounts of soap, but this clever, stainless steel, soap-shaped bar from Kuhn Rikon that's designed to tackle unpleasant food odors. Simply rub it into your hands once you're done cooking, and don't forget to use the pointed end to clean all that gunk under your nails.

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A one-pot superhero, All-Clad's 4-qt. weeknight pan combines the functions of a sauté pan and saucier, saving you the hassle of switching between multiple pots and pans while cooking. The wide base is perfect for searing and sautéing without overcrowding ingredients, while the sloped sides make it ideal for simmering stews, whisking sauces, and browning meats. Like most All-Clad pans, it can easily go from the stovetop to the oven.

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You don't need to pull out your box grater every single time you need a little cheese to sprinkle on your pasta or minced garlic for your stir-fry. The Chef’n Graterzoom makes your task simpler with just the ease of a roll: Roll it forward to grate ingredients or backward if you're looking to slice things. And once you're done, it comes apart with a click for easy cleanup.

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If you're looking to re-create backyard favorites on your stovetop, then Staub's 10.5-inch grill pan can help you nail those flavors. It features a domed glass lid that retains moisture for truly tender and juicy meat, while the extra tall ridges create flavorful charring. The cast-iron surface also comes fully pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to go right out of the box!

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No more spilling asparagus stalks or pieces of meat all over your stovetop! This ingenious foldable cutting board lets you easily transfer ingredients directly into your pan. Simply squeeze the handle and the sides fold to create a convenient chute.

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Made in Denmark, Scanpan's skillets are perfect for browning, pan-frying, searing, deglazing, and so much more. Safe for use with metal utensils, both the 8- and 11-inch sizes are on sale, so snag one or a set — you'll be using them practically daily!

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If you're going to be washing a truckload of dishes, you may as well make it fun with these cheeky sponges. The cross-stitch design is a sweet touch but the sassy quotes really make them keepers. Pro tip: Grab a couple now for white elephant gifts in the holiday season!