Here Are the Best Food Deals You Can Get During the Super Bowl

updated Apr 30, 2019
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The best part of the Super Bowl is not the four hours of athletic men running into each other at full speed for our entertainment, nor is it the dubiously chosen musical interlude — it’s the food. And while we’re all going to be amped up over 17-layer nachos and the two-dozen different kinds of dip we’re making, the corporate food world is even more desperate than your local party host to get your attention and praise on the high culinary holiday of American winter.

In fact, they’re so desperate that they’re giving away their food for free or at least darn close to it, just to get you talking about it. And we’ve collected the best places to cash in this week.

Buffalo Wild Wings was one of the first places to jump out with a media blitz on their Super Bowl deal. It’s the wing chain’s busiest day of the year — last year they sold 14 million wings, and they’re ready for this year. But beyond what they’re selling, they’ve promised that if the game goes into overtime, BWW will give everyone in the country a free snack-sized order of wings. Sure, you have to wait until February 18 to redeem, but still, free wings. For everyone.

Pizza Hut is an official sponsor of the game, so it decided to change its name for the game: It’s now Pizza Hut Hut (anyone who doesn’t yell “HIKE!” after saying that is a monster). And Pizza Hut Hut (HIKE!) will be selling their two-topping pie for $7.99, which is a good deal, but also Hut Rewards members who order a pizza on Super Bowl Sunday get a code for 20% off any NFL gear from

Domino’s couldn’t let the Hut (Hut) get ahead of them, so they’re doing a few deals, including $6 each for a Mix & Match of wings, salads, pastas, breads, and pizzas, etc. when people order more than one, as well as a combo deal for $20 that includes bread, pizza, dessert, and soda.

Papa John’s hopped on the pizza party with a pile of packages aimed at people hosting big parties — five pizzas for $43, four large sodas for $8, and more.

White Castle stepped in for anyone who isn’t in it for the pizza, offering a Super Sack Attack with 20 sliders with cheese for $10, which is a great deal, and you can also get five Super Sacks (100 burgers) for $50.

Didn’t find the deal you were looking for? The Super Bowl has pretty strict regulations about who can use the name, but that doesn’t stop the fast-food companies from capitalizing on the big audience this week: most of them are offering even better BOGO, discounts, or great deals than they normally do to people who download their app this week to order for the game. So go forth, download, and pig out!