Sunscreen for Food Crops

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apparently, solar radiation destroys 20 to 40 percent of fruit and vegetable crops annually. As a result, a Bay Area company called Purfresh has developed a spray-on sunscreen for fruits and vegetables.

Sunscreen for fruits and vegetables? Interesting! Climate change is bringing higher temperatures and water shortages, so crops are being affected negatively and solutions need to be provided in order to protect our food supply.

The spray-on sunscreen, which is called Purshade, is made of multi-crystalline calcium carbonate crystals and has a SPF of 45. After some testing, it is now available for sale. Farmers who tested Purshade reported better crop yields and higher-quality produce. The company is now working on developing an organic spray-on sunscreen.

(Image: Ecomagic)