Sunny Side Up Onion Rings

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recently we talked about cooking eggs in avocados, and so in that spirit, we’d like to shine the spotlight on eggs in onion rings. It sounds like a guilty pleasure snack, but in reality it’s just the cutest little breakfast ever.

Donna and Ann of the blog Apron Strings adore eggs. Although most of us adore eggs, ours probably don’t look as pretty as the ones they cook up. Their eggs in onion rings sound like something from a greasy diner that would sit on the menu next to chili cheese fries, but instead, this simple breakfast is a rather healthy treat.

Forget the carbs and breakfast breads: this little breakfast is self contained and ready to be the star of the breakfast table. Simple slice your onions, crack your eggs and, well, we probably don’t have to give you the play by play on this one. It’s easy to make and contains perfect, simple flavors. Everything a great morning start needs.

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(Image: Apron Strings)