Uncorked: Our Editors’ Favorite Warm-Weather Wine Gadgets

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Various wines on tabletop.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

With its juicy bursts of flavor and fragrant aromas, wine was made for the summer. It’s the de facto dinner drink choice during this time of year, and is just as welcome at brunches, lunches, picnics, and after-work hangouts. You don’t have to be a wine snob or take your vino too seriously to thoroughly enjoy it, but if you want the best sipping experience, you’re going to need a little help from some summer-friendly wine tools.

These tumblers, chillers, glasses, and gadgets are all designed to make wine more enjoyable, and each one works tremendously well. From protecting glasses and bottles from the hot summer sun to making sure you never spill a drop — whether you’re enjoying a glass at home or on the go — this editor-approved gear is essential to savoring the taste of crisp whites, fruity reds, light rosés, and refreshing bottles of bubbly. Check out our top picks here, then go to our summer wine-buying guide to get recommendations from sommeliers on what to stock your fridge with — they have amazing options for all palates!

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As much as we like traditional wine glasses, their one downside is being extremely easy to tip over. With one of these portable wine glasses, you'll never again cry over spilled Sancerre. It's made of glass and has a silicone cover for added durability, and for a little extra you can customize it with your name or a personal message on the side. Our contributor Sholeen also loves that its lid has a secure seal, and that the entire thing is dishwasher-safe.

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I've found this refillable wine bottle to be a game-changer for picnics and get-togethers on the roof, patio, or balcony. It holds an entire bottle of wine and comes with a matching funnel so you never spill a drop. It's well-insulated, so your wine is always at the correct temperature, even if you're out in the hot sun, and you can choose between over a dozen color options. BrüMate also makes matching insulated wine tumblers if you want to be fully coordinated.

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While adding ice cubes to your wine is a totally fine way to keep it cold, this ingenious device works just as well without watering it down. The chill cradle detaches from the base so you can keep it in your fridge (where it won't take up much room) and it'll be ready to keep your beverage refreshing whenever you need it to. Plus, they have a stemless version if you prefer that. Learn why our contributor Erin also recommends it as a gift for your wine-loving friends.

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A broken cork is one of the quickest ways to sour the mood when you're about to enjoy a glass of wine. Thankfully, there are tools that can help you out of that jam, such as this foolproof cork remover. It uses a long needle and a compressed air cartridge to extract any cork, even if it's broken in half and stuck in the neck of the bottle. Each cartridge has enough power to open at least 60 bottles, and you can buy refills so you're never left stranded. Our commerce editor Sarah has found this to be one gift her friends always appreciate.

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Our contributor Kristin, who is a certified wine expert, called these her favorite stemless wine glasses. The shape of these glasses is suited for most wine varieties, as well as many cocktails, so you can use them for all kinds of occasions this summer. As Kristin wrote, her favorite aspect of these glasses is that "although they feel delicate, they can easily handle a dishwasher rinse." (We love easy-to-use and easy-to-clean drinkware, too.)

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Taking wine with you to the park has never been easier, thanks in part to this insulated bottle. It's large enough to hold a full-size bottle of wine and can be kept in the fridge if you want to be extra sure that it will keep your wine at the optimal drinking temperature. The container is super durable and won't dent, crack, or leak, and if you need to be covert about your outdoor imbibing, this has you covered. (Just don't come to us if you get a ticket!) And, as our contributor Stella noted, the insulation technology keeps your beverage cold for up to 80 hours — seriously!

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Contributor Lisa always brings out these floral-printed wine tumblers during the summer because they do such an amazing job of keeping your wine chilled and sippable. They're so popular and easy to use that, as Lisa wrote, "almost every single person who comes by during the warmer months threatens to steal the insulated, stemless cups I use to serve them wine." Get your own set right here!

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Williams Sonoma

While a decorative ice bucket can keep wine bottles chilled at the table, it drips water everywhere. The easier and neater way to ensure wine stays cool and accessible is with this marble chiller. Place it in the fridge for a few hours and it's ready to help your bottles of white and rosé stay at the perfect temperature while they're on your table. Our senior commerce editor Ian says that "these simple, sleek marble coolers are perfect for taking a crisp bottle of white poolside this summer. Plus, they turn even the most regular bottle into a veritable work of art."

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We love multitasking kitchen finds just as much as you do, and this chic carafe that doubles as a wine aerator is one of our favorites. You can use it to make and serve drinks such as cold brew coffee and tea, because it has a detachable infuser pod, or you can pop on the aerator top and use it to help your wine breathe before serving it. And, as our commerce writer Nikol noted, the carafe can easily hold an entire bottle of your favorite red or white.

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Pick up this wine preserving device to keep your leftover wine fresh for up to four weeks. It works by using a provided cartridge to maintain a small amount of pressure in the bottle after it's been opened. And unlike other wine stoppers, you don't have to remove this one to pour a glass — it has a built-in nozzle with a stopper that you can easily flip open or close. Our editors highly recommend it as a gift for wine-lovers. Just note that it is not intended for use with sparkling wine.