Summer Projects: What Would You Like to Do or Learn?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anyone else itching to get their hands on some summer produce and dive into the kitchen? With farmers markets re-opening, the warm weather (finally!), and the promise of produce in colors other than green, my mind has started churning with ideas for summer projects. What about you?

My biggest dream this year is to make fruit wine. I’ve been brewing beer for several years, and feel ready for a new challenge. I have no idea how to make fruit wine or what I’ll need, but I’m ready to find a u-pick farm and give it a go.

I’d also like to take this summer to master The Pie. I can make a pie when I need to, but it’s never very pretty or especially…well…good. I’m a big believer in practice makes perfect, so I hope my husband, his co-workers, and all our neighbors are ready to be inundated with my pie experiments.

I have a few other smaller goals on my list. Perfecting my ratatouille recipe, experimenting with making cheese, and playing with homemade soda pops are all things I’d like to tackle in the upcoming months.

What about you? What projects are on your list?