Summer Picnic Inspiration: “Keep Manhattan – Just Give Me That Countryside.”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Picnics – lying outside on the grass, fresh strawberries intense and juicy – the smell of cooking out with friends. Here’s our little inspiration board for all the good summer eating we hope to accomplish soon.

Clockwise from top:

Day 263: Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. by Flickr member 365bunnies. American Gothic – picnic style.

wanna bite? by Flickr member pink_fish13. Strawberry not intensified by Photoshop, they say. And yes, we would like a bite.

Lift-off by Flickr member drp. Rocket pops!! Dripping down the chin. Goes along with the smell of fresh-cut grass and the sound of the ice cream truck.

Egg sandwich by Flickr member amanky. Ooh we are HUNGRY.

(All images licensed for use under Creative Commons.)