Summer Love: Raw Shredded Cabbage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While Elizabeth is head over heels for Bibb lettuce, we’re nursing our own unexpected food crush…on cabbage. That’s right, cabbage. It turns out that raw, shredded cabbage is good for way more than a batch of coleslaw!

Cut into super thin ribbons, raw cabbage has an excellent crunch and a spicy bitterness that we absolutely love. We’ve actually been using it in place of lettuce in a lot of our dishes. It stays crisp for longer and gives ordinary dishes completely new flavors and textures.

Plus, cabbage is simultaneously one of the most good-for-you vegetables to eat and one of cheapest to buy. Heads last in the crisper drawer in the fridge for weeks, and we can even cut off a just quarter or a half and leave the rest for later.

We’ll slice up several cups at the beginning of the week and add a handful to dishes like these:

• In sandwiches in place of or in addition to a few pieces of lettuce (we’re not quite up to eating an entire cabbage sandwich, though!)
• In salads, also in place of or in addition to regular salad greens
• As a topping for tacos, burritos, and other spicy foods
• Stirred into a bowl of soup like posole or gazpacho

Do you like raw cabbage? How do you use it in your summer cooking?

(Image: Flickr member aplysia_06 licensed under Creative Commons)