Summer Indulgence: Pimento Cheese As Burger Topping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Browsing a slideshow of burgers over at Cottage Living’s website, we came upon this heavy hitter. It’s a burger topped with one of our favorite simple sandwich fillings — pimento cheese.

What do you think? Delicious or over-the-top?

We’ve seen this coupling on the menu of several restaurants in the South but never tried it at home. Although, when you think about it, pimento cheese is essentially cheese, mayonnaise, and some spices — all of which you might put on your burger separately. Maybe it’s the ultimate, time-saving move.

If you are serving some pimento cheese as an appetizer or as finger sandwiches, try some leftovers on burgers. Or offer it as an option at your next barbecue and see what happens.

We think it looks pretty good. What about you?