Summer Heat: 8 Ways to Use Hot Sauce this Summer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tabasco is one of our all-time favorite condiments, of course. This and other hot sauces add a splash of bright flavor and a zing of spice to whatever we have on our plates. We can’t help but sneak a little heat into many of our favorite summer dishes!

Fried Chicken – A couple of shakes of hot sauce in the buttermilk-egg coating gives fried chicken an extra zip.

Guacamole – We love adding a little heat to our cool, creamy guac.

Barbecue Sauce – We never seem to get our BBQ sauce as spicy as we like it. Hot sauce to the rescue!

Caramel Corn – A spicy sweet snack.

Spicy Mayonnaise – We love hot sauce in creamy dressings. Try this in macaroni salad, potato salad, and coleslaw.

Scrambled Eggs – Stir it in and serve it up!

Gazpacho – Hot sauce gives this chilled soup some extra intrigue.

Burgers – Mix some hot sauce right into the ground meat while you form the patties.

What other ideas do you have for adding heat to summer dishes?

(Image: Flickr member smoorenburg licensed under Creative Commons)