Summer Escape Food: Fish Tacos, Two Ways

When we think of the Pacific coast, we imagine fish taco stands lining the streets like hot dog carts do in New York City. Fish tacos, with their white, flaky chunks and fresh toppings, just seem very beachy, very exotic, and very unattainable to us on the East Coast. That’s why, if we see them on a menu (and there’s a beach in the distance), we almost always order them.

In the spirit of escapes, we’re researching a couple of recipes we might be able to attempt at home: One fried, one baked…

These two recipes are from Martha Stewart and Everyday Food, and we’d probably do a combination of the two. We like the looks of the crispy, fried fish in the first, but we like a big pile of crunchy toppings, like the radishes and salsa verde on the second. We also might look into a creamy slaw… another favorite option.

Of course, if you have a fear of frying, the baked option is a good one.

And our own recipe from The Kitchn:

How do you like your fish tacos?

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