Summer Eating: Recipes From Cookie Magazine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There aren’t any children in our household, so we wouldn’t usually think to pick up a magazine for parents in search of recipes or cooking inspiration. But we noticed that some of our bookmarked recipes at Epicurious are from Cookie, and then the more we looked the more we found. Cool, easy (think 5 ingredients) recipes from Cookie below…

These recipes are clearly designed for people on the go, as people generally are when they have a toddler or two. And yet there’s an easy sophistication to most of these, with a dependence on fresh ingredients. They all are just exactly what we want to eat right now.

Pasta À La Checca – Arugula, cherry tomatoes, garlic and spaghetti.

Lettuce Soup with Croutons – Herbs and lettuce, simmered and pureed. This looks like it would be delicious cold.

Lettuce Hand Rolls – Cool and refreshing.

Tomato Egg Cups – The second our tomatoes are big enough we’re doing this. Eggs baked in tomato cups!

Chinese Broccoli – Blanched Chinese broccoli with a bit of butter, spices, and peanuts.

Fruit Juice “Gummies” – So much healthier than those packaged gummy snacks – these are just juice and gelatin.

(Images: Marcus Nilsson and Yunhee Kim, all for Cookie)


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