Hot Summer Drinking Trend: Seasonal Carbonated Cocktails

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The window of time when Seattle is sunny (and even hot) is relatively brief and happening right now. The days are long, and we’re trying to pack it in with evening runs after work and plenty of backyard lounging and occasional cocktails out. In this past week alone, I’ve noticed a trend at bars around town: carbonated cocktails. On tap. Often seasonal. Always delicious.

So what exactly are these carbonated cocktails? Essentially, bars devise a cocktail they love (we had one recently with grapefruit juice, aperol and sparkling wine which was wonderful) and then they force-carbonate it and serve it on tap to thirsty, summer-loving Seattle-ites. A great bar in the Capital Hill neighborhood, Montana, serves carbonated cocktails featuring their house-made ginger beer. And beloved Ballard pizza spot Delancey has been featuring incredible (and strong!) carbonated cocktails recently as they prepare for the opening of their new bar next-door, Essex. I seek out carbonated cocktails now because they sit much lighter in the summer than a full whiskey or gin-based cocktail, but tend to be a bit more interesting than regular cocktail fare as bartenders are using them as a canvas from which to experiment.

Have you spotted carbonated cocktails in your town or city?