Summer Drink: Lemon Barley Water

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wimbledon is just around the corner, and while the spectators may be sipping Pimm’s Cups, the players will be served the tournament’s official drink, lemon barley water. Barley water may not sound terribly alluring – in Mary Poppins, the children stipulated that their ideal nanny must “never smell of barley water” – but we think it’s a refreshing drink ideal for hot summer days.

Lemon barley water is made by simmering pearl barley in water, straining the liquid, and adding lemon and sweetener. It’s as simple as that! Served chilled, it’s a nice variation from regular lemonade or iced barley tea.

Lemon Barley Water made with sugar, from (pictured)
Barley Water made with honey, from Alton Brown
Ginger and Lemon Barley Water, from Cook (almost) Anything
Lemon Barley Water with optional gin, from Emeril Lagasse