Summer Cocktails: An Ode to Gin and Tonic (with Lime)

Summer Cocktails: An Ode to Gin and Tonic (with Lime)

Faith Durand
May 26, 2008

There are certain non-negotiables in the admittedly small world of our cocktail cabinet. We are not big drinkers, but we do enjoy a well-mixed drink, and the lure of frosty cocktails is very strong in the summer. So we keep a small but thorough liquor cabinet, stocked with the basics. One of these is lime. Because, see, if we were caught without lime, how would we drink our gin and tonics?

Lemons just don't cut it. I'm sorry - but if it doesn't have a lime, it's not a gin and tonic. Perhaps you could label it a lemon gin and tonic and thus distinguish it from the normative, but lime to me is really quite necessary for summer drink consumption.

A gin and tonic (with lime) seems to be the height of summer drinking. Yes, it's ubiquitous, yes, it's even a little boring. But it's so perfect, so sublime - that sweet and fizzy tonic, with the herbal notes of gin (and cucumber, perhaps? We're Hendricks drinkers). And then that sour tang of lime - crisp and refreshing. I'm getting thirsty just writing this.

The gin and tonic is a summer classic and rightly so. Do you drink G&Ts and do you have any non-negotiables related to these oh-so-classic refreshers? What kind of gin do you prefer?

(Images: Flickr member Daveybot and Flickr member lulugaia, both licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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