Summer Check-in: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Summer Check-in: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Emma Christensen
Jul 10, 2008

We've been harvesting arugula and herbs for weeks, but it looks like we're finally starting to see some action with our fruits and veggies!

Seemingly overnight, several of our plants have started growing little fruitlings and veg-lings. We feel like expectant parents hovering over them, checking them anxiously each morning and cooing over how much they've grown every night when we come home.

How are your gardens doing? What are you most excited to see coming in?

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These guys, and those in the top picture, are little husk cherries. They're a relative of tomatillos, but sweeter. We fell in love with their pineapple-honey flavor last year, and this is definitely the plant in our garden we're watching with the most anticipation!

A close second is our hot pepper plants. We're growing both anaheim and poblanos this year. We've been having a little trouble getting them to pollinate (another post on that to come), but it looks like we've finally got a live one!

And last but not least, we'd been fretting that our lemon grass was going to be a dud, but look! New growth! We're looking forward to some Vietnamese and Thai dishes later this summer.

What have you got going on in your back-forty these days?

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(Images: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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