Ideas for Recipes Without Cow’s Milk?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: My baby was recently diagnosed with a sensitivity to the protein in cow’s milk. Since I breastfeed, I have to eliminate all cow’s milk from my diet, though sheep and goat milk are ok. I would love some recipe ideas that include meat, eggs, and/or goat and sheep milk products.

Sent by Melissa

Editor: Goat’s milk can be used interchangeably with cow’s milk in most recipes. I’ve never cooked with sheep’s milk, but as long as the fat content is the same, the recipes should be fine. It sounds like the biggest challenge will be replacing cheese and other products and are typically made with cow’s milk. This sounds like a good excuse to head to Whole Foods and sample their cheese selection!

Readers, what advice and recipe suggestions do you have for Melissa?