Sugar High Strategy: How Do You Eat a Cupcake?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cupcakes and how you eat them is a very serious business, of course. There are many factors to consider. Like how to take a whole bite without getting frosting on one’s nose. Or the best method to minimize crumbling. What’s your approach?

I’m a fan of the sandwich approach, which I was taught in fifth grade and have practiced ever since. For this technique, the bottom of the cupcake is twisted off and inverted onto the top, thus sandwiching the frosting between the two halves. This provides an even balance of frosting and cake in each bite, and (theoretically) minimizes sticky fingers and general messiness.

But we each have our own favorite method of enjoyment, each just as good as the last. What’s your preferred cupcake-eating strategy?

(Image: Flickr member Amy Loves Yah licensed under Creative Commons)