These Stylish Storage Solutions Are Like If IKEA and Urban Outfitters Had a Baby

updated May 28, 2020
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Kitchen with open shelving that's well organized
Credit: Open Spaces

I’m not exactly on the Marie Kondo end of the organizing spectrum. I’d call myself a maximal minimalist at best. Or is it minimal maximalist? Either way, I appreciate a smart storage solution — especially one that looks as good as it functions. And that’s why I got super excited when I discovered this new direct-to-customer brand, Open Spaces.

The line features different kinds of organizing accessories, from bins and baskets to racks and dividers. The overall color palette is soft, and the materials are largely neutral — white-washed woods, cream-colored steel — for a clean, airy feel that works in just about any style space. Yes, organizers and gadgets can certainly contribute to more clutter. But if you use them intentionally to set limits on what you allow yourself to store, they can be great tools as you look to clean out and clean up your space this spring.

I went ahead and picked out a few of my favorite pieces just to give you a sense of the range. Prices aren’t bargain-basement cheap, but they’re reasonable for the types of materials used. For extra savings, you can also buy certain items in bundles by room.

Credit: Open Spaces

Shelf Risers

These actually might be the best-looking shelf risers I’ve ever seen. Sure, they’re great for maximizing space inside cabinets, but this set is nice enough to leave out on open shelving or right on your kitchen counter if need be.

Buy: Shelf Risers, $46/Set of 2

Credit: Open Spaces

Entryway Rack

I’ve written about my lack of a proper entryway before. And if I didn’t fake one with a table already, I’d use a steel rack like this. It’s tiered to maximize vertical space but still has a small footprint. I also think it would look lovely with shoes stacked on it — or just a bunch of houseplants.

Buy: Entryway Rack, $120

Credit: Open Spaces

Medium Bins

Crafted out of recyclable plastic, you can get these sleek bins with or without the wooden lids. They’re the perfect size for a living room or closet shelf and a great tool for decluttering if you only allow yourself to keep what will fit in them.

Buy: Medium Bins, Starting at $44/Set of 2

Credit: Open Spaces

Underbed Storage

If you aren’t already using the space under your bed for storage, it’s time to take back those few precious square feet. Keep dust bunnies away from your out-of-season stuff with something like these shallow felt containers. They’re a little pricey, but if this spot is going to be visible, it might be worth investing in something that looks this nice. Plus, felt won’t scuff hardwood floors (if you have them) the same way plastic can. You could also use them under a sofa.

Buy: Underbed Storage, $120/Set of 2

Credit: Open Spaces

Nesting Trays

Odd numbers are great for styling surfaces because they keep the eye moving, which is why I like these geometric trays. Nest them on an entry table for things like keys and change, or use them on your dresser or in a bathroom for things like toiletries or jewelry. 

Buy: Nesting Trays, $40/Set of 3

Credit: Open Spaces

Drawer Dividers

I’ve tried drawer dividers before but quickly got frustrated with the flimsy plastic versions out there that simply don’t work. These adjustable wooden models might cost a little more upfront. But they’ll actually keep your stacks and piles separated and in place, so you can find what you need faster.

Buy: Drawer Dividers, $40/Set of 2

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