Stylish or Tacky? The Fruit Slide

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This hanging fruit basket has been making the rounds on the interwebs, and we’re feeling strangely mesmerized by the design. It definitely walks the line between modern style and possible tackiness. What do you think?

It’s bringing up a lot of childhood connotations – Shoots and Ladders, anyone? Gumball machines? Those marble slide sets all the cool kids had in the 80’s? Mostly this makes us think “Fun! Playful! Entertaining!”

Whether it comes across as tacky or stylish probably has a lot to do on the rest of the styling in your kitchen and how the piece is displayed. We could really envision it in a light-filled kitchen with a lot of stainless steel, neutral colors, and sleek design elements. Treat it like an art piece and it becomes an art piece; treat it like a fruit basket and it will be a fruit basket.

Before you get too excited (or dismissive), you should know that this is still a design concept. In other words, the fruit slide does not yet exist in the real world. Hopefully Swedish designers Michael Andersson and Maria Axelqvist can get enough people on board with the idea to change that soon.

What’s your take?

(Image: Designboom)