Stubborn Lids: Best Ever Jar Opener

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Being able to open jars by ourselves is a small source of pride for us, and we think we may have stumbled upon our most effective jar-opening ally yet. And what’s more, it only cost us pennies!

I had a stubborn lid the other day and none of my usual tricks was working to get it loose. In desperation, my eye landed on some scraps of non-slip drawer liner that were leftover from organizing our junk drawer.

Much to my surprise, it worked like a charm! A thin piece of the mat gripped that lid like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A forceful jerk on the lid was all I needed to get it loose.

I’ve used it a few times since then, and the non-slip grip hasn’t failed me yet. I trimmed up a little piece and keep it pinned to the side of the fridge with a strong magnet.

What are your best methods for getting a jar open?