Street Scavenger: Sweet Fried Cruller

Here’s a guest post from Molly, who writes the Scavenger feature over at Apartment Therapy. She recently encountered a sweet street treat in Chinatown and sent in this report…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If there’s one thing the Scavenger likes more than a great furniture bargain, it’s a great dining bargain; great dining bargains are never $300, which can’t be said for any piece of furniture I’ve ever coveted.

My latest find, discovered on an adventure with an intrepid and dashing compatriot, is this slightly sweet, entirely delicious fried (but not too greasy!) cruller from Hsin Wong (72 Bayard Street, between Elizabeth and Mott Streets, Chinatown). The size of a small loaf of bread, it costs a mere 75 cents.

Said intrepid and dashing compatriot and I have no idea what’s in it, but we agree on these points: it’s dang tasty, the top is just crunchy enough to be spectacular, and we’d both pay well over five dollars to eat it again. But we don’t have to. So next time, we’ll each get our own.

Fair warning for vegetarians and the squeamish: Hsin Wong, like many surrounding establishments, displays its meat up front. Like, really front and center. Proceed at will.