Stranger Danger Dinners Are the Safest Place to Make New Friends

published Jan 12, 2017
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Although you were probably taught as a child to be wary of talking to strangers, a dinner party organization in Perth, Australia wants you to throw caution to the wind and embrace the unknown. Stranger Danger Dinners wants to help you meet potential friends over a plate of delicious food.

Stranger Danger Dinners are exactly what they sound like: It’s essentially a group of people (usually seven) that have few common interests, motives, or reasons to meet other than to interact with new people. The organizers of Stranger Danger Dinners curate the group of interested people and send them off to a restaurant to enjoy a meal together.

Conversation cards, which are available for purchase, are occasionally used as conversation starters since there are no hosts and nobody leading the group. It’s really a group of friends you haven’t met yet, and might never meet, were it not for the fact you were interested in this experience and, well, hungry for dinner.

Anonymous organizers of the events tell Fastcoexist, “We believe that IRL ‘friending’ is a muscle that needs exercise[…] We’ve had awesome feedback from attendees that our dinners have made them more open to meeting strangers.”

Are Stranger Danger Dinners something you’d be interested in attending? Why or why not? Have you ever tried something like this? Let us know in the comments.