Strange Pantry Challenge: Leftover Cranberry Sauce

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Partway through cooking a batch of bacon this weekend, we realized we didn’t have any empty cans to catch the grease. In desperation, we scoured our cupboards and finally found a forgotten can of cranberry sauce from last fall. The can saved the day, but what to do with all this cranberry sauce?

It’s not exactly the time of year for stuffing and turkey, is it? Even if I roast a chicken or make a panade and serve the cranberry sauce on the side, my husband and I aren’t likely to eat it all on our own.

This is also the commercial, totally processed, jelly variety of cranberry sauce. This is a must on our Thanksgiving table, but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to being reused in baking or other recipes.

I’m thinking of eating it like jam on my toast or swirling it into my morning yogurt. With a little wedge of brie and some crackers, I could also make a quick appetizer. I’m also thinking of whizzing it in the food processor with a another fruit juice and some sugar and using this to make popsicles.

Any other ideas?