This “Fantastic” Tool-Free Amazon Find Instantly Tripled My Kitchen Counter Space

published Feb 23, 2024
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a white kitchen with gray marble countertops

Our kitchen is an optical illusion — at first glance, you’d think there was a decent amount of counter space but once you set the basics out, there’s very little room left to do anything, much less cook. This dilemma has left me constantly in search of sensible space-saving products to help me create more counter space. Every time I see a product promise to add storage without taking up space it piques my interest, and if they’re affordable (under $50), I typically give them a try. But, honestly, a lot of them have been duds. They either don’t hold much of anything, look too bulky, or take up just as much space as just sitting the items on the counter.

Then I discovered the StoveShelf, a magnetic over-the-stove organizer (with 18,000 4-star reviews and counting) designed to maximize storage in your small kitchen by turning a once useless area into bonus counter space. Simple enough, I thought. But, could the top of my stove really just transform into a functional kitchen shelf or ledge, just like that? The answer is yes. 

The StoveShelf is functional, stylish, and easy to use.

I unboxed my StoveShelf in seconds and simply placed it on the top of my stove — no tools or assembly needed. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I had a slim 30-inch shelf available to store all of the extra tea, spices, and coffee mugs we’ve run out of space for but just can’t seem to part with. I loved the look and function of it immediately. 

Credit: Charli Penn

If you’re thinking about it, just try this product.

This shelf is a solid counter space-saving solution, and a chic one too. It took practically zero effort to install, works as intended, and actually makes our above-the-shelf area look neater (and cuter) than it ever has before. For $40, I’d call that a steal — especially after spending way more in total on products that boast similar benefits but are cheaply made and not nearly as satisfying. 

Look, I’ve never really thought of the standard stove we inherited with our house as being anything more than a basic necessity in our kitchen. But now, it’s sort of the newest star in our kitchen. Everyone who stops by is asking where I got this over-the-stove shelf from! I chose a black StoveShelf to complement our kitchen’s overall design, but the shelf is also sold in stainless steel and white too. I was genuinely shocked with how much I was able to fit on that. If you’re wondering if it’s secure, it is. (If not, I assure you that I wouldn’t trust it with my most favorite coffee mugs and Black-owned teas.)

Buy: StoveShelf, $39.99